Welcome to Harley Street Ambulance Service

Harley Street Ambulance Service Ltd was established in 1982.

This renowned private ambulance service in London is owned and run by Claire Dobson, who began her nursing career at King's College Hospital in London.

Claire has spent many years working in the private sector. Her clinical experience in the field of NHS and private nursing has been wide and varied. This has assisted her in maintaining her high standards at Harley Street Ambulance Service Ltd.

Harley Street Ambulance Service Ltd. has gained a reputation for providing excellent fully equipped ambulances, excellent staff, promptness, efficiency and above all consistent quality of service.

  • Personal
  • Reliability
    & Punctuality
  • Good

10 Reasons to choose HSAS

  • 06:00am to 23:00hrs service
  • Own vehicles
  • Highly trained and qualified staff
  • Fully equipped & up to date on-board equipment
  • Total patient care and welfare are our priority
  • 100% performance efficiency
  • Fully insured
  • Medical repatriation
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Established since 1982, privately owned.